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Tate modern

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Surface to Surface

Susumu Koshimizu 

Koshimizu investigates the substance of wood by sawing planks into different shapes, exposing their surface qualities through different kinds of repetitive cuts. Koshimizu was part of Mono Ha (School of Things), which reacted against the embrace of technology and visual trickery in mid-1960s Japanese art. They sought to understand the world as it is by exploring the essential properties of materials, often combining organic and industrial objects and processes.

Interesting patterns of woods.  Creating a product by wood is maybe good for me  because wood is easy to cut and carve  like this art work.




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Barbara Hepworth 

(left)     Figure(Nyanga) 1959-60   

Elm on plywood base

 The sculpture appears to represent a human head, heroic in stature and proportion, and emblematic of the universality of suffering. 

(right)   Oval Sculpture

plaster on wooden base

 Hepworth's abstract forms, which seem akin to caves and shells, were affected by the Cornish landscape. Her response to nature was not romantic or mystical but more firmly based on actual observation. Circles and spheres had dominated her work. These were replaced by ovals which gave her sculptures two centres rather than one, complicating their interior form.

I love her objects feels like dynamic and gentle. I think her sculptures are good for inspirations of the shapes of furnitures.



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 Alexander Calder

I very like his works, very playful and this simple line ,form and color catch the eyes of people also make interesting shadow. 

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These furnitures are interesting example that the designer inspired by art works of other artist.  



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