The book shelf have been located in archway station."book exchange-bring a book and exchange it for another" I think it is very interesting object for sharing their possessions and knowledge. 


This is a rack of free news paper. may be it can be improve for bad manner like this picture.



Public rubbish bin. many rubbishes are overflowing, It also may improve.

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Large chair and benches which I found in public spaces ( on the road,bus stop, museum etc..)

When I walk carefully, I realized I can encounter many kind of seating in daily life, the seating for indoor looks more soft  than the chairs for outdoor.

download.php?file=1860082&embedded=1&textbox=1860084   download.php?file=1860083&embedded=1&textbox=1860084   Behavior of couples. Completely opposite from the behavior sharing with strangers, they are in close to contact with their lovers, they do not feel uncomfortable conversely seems to be very happy.