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Bicycles (with people/pets/baggages)  

The exhibition looks at cycling subcultures through four tribes  the High Performers who reach Olympic speeds, the Thrill Seekers who take on all terrains, the Urban Riders who pedal our cities mile by mile, and the Cargo Bikers who work on two wheels. British bespoke bicycle frame building is showcased in the exhibition in a recreation of a bicycle making workshop featuring artisans from across the UK.

When I see this exhibition, I noticed that some times people share vehicles as well. Unfortunately, on this time I could not fined  tandems, but I think these bicycles good to share with small animals or child.





An asymmetric plastic chair inspired by insect. 

Designed by  Odo Fioravanti for italian furniture company Segis

appropriately named dragonfly was derived from observations made on dragonflies, whose bodies are characterized by an imbalance in weight distribution between the front legs and their extended tail. from this formal suggestion, biomimicry influences an idea of a cantilevered seat.

I felt that the ideas of designs are  always born from the things of observation.




10 100 1000

A set of affordable stools mode in Mexico

by La Mrtropolitana,Francisco Torres & Luis David Arredondo, Mexico

 simple and playful design,I think using these chairs leads to develop the ways of thinking and making.



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Current table by Marjan van Audel, the Netherlands,with Solaronix, Switzerland

End grain bench by Raw Edges Design Studio UK  

People can share these products. The table has quite unique legs, the sofa is used beautiful textile and I felt  it looks thermography, the blue parts feels cool while the red side feels warm.